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Earth Station Trek

Jan 2021

About Us

January 6, 2021

Earth Station Trek is a new Star Trek podcast, launching January 2021, covering the history of Trek from the Original Series to the modern All Access shows.


Alan Siler

R. Alan Siler is an author, editor, and the owner of kOZMIC Press LLC. His published works include three books on Doctor Who (Doctor Who's Greatest Hits: A Guide to the Best Episodes from Time and Space, Facing the Raven: Doctor Who Series Nine in Review, and Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who), a Star Trek book (Star Trek's Greatest Hits: A Guide to the Best Episodes From the Final Frontier), a children's picture book (Lucy Can't Dance), and numerous essays on Who, Trek, Twin Peaks, The Orville, classic sci-fi and horror films, and various music topics. He has written music, film and television reviews for Target Audience Magazine and 25 Years Later. He was a staff person on Dragon Con's British Media Track for 12 years, and was co-founder of WHOlanta, for which he's been the programming director for the past 15 years. He's a librarian, a drummer (currently playing in a Heart tribute band called Heartisans), a hardcore Bowie fan, an SNL aficionado, a bit of a foodie, and a proud Ravenclaw!


Charles Kelso

Charles Kelso is a writer, artist, performer, and puppeteer from Atlanta, Ga. He has been performing with  his wife and partner, Veronica, as Felt Nerdy since 2012.

A lifelong fan of Star Trek and other science fiction, Charles wrote a web comic based upon Star Trek: The Animated series for a decade and later served as a writer and story editor for the prolific Potemkin Pictures fan film series.


Currently, Charles is performing with Felt Nerdy at fandom conventions throughout the southeast and making appearances on the Scotch Trekker Youtube channel.


Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson has been a Star Trek fan for so long he doesn’t remember when he first started watching. (He figures his older brothers must have had it on when he was in the cradle!). Starting with the Original Series, which holds a special place in his heart for what he feels is still some of the best written and dramatic acting in the franchise, this self-described “Trekkie” has been there for the rollout of every subsequent series, movie, and fan-produced work. A fan of all things sci-fi, animation, comic books, fantasy, it is nonetheless the world of Star Trek that he feels represents the best of what we can be in life, science, technology, the future of humanity. When not trying to keep up with all the new material or rewatching older series for the umpteenth time, Keith enjoys reading (astronomy and history are favorite subjects), gardening, working out, and going to the movies. Oh—and trying his hand at not-quite-ready-for-publishing original fiction, but more on that at another time!


Veronica Dashell

Veronica is a part of the husband and wife puppet team Felt Nerdy. They have been preforming at conventions across the southeast since 2014, using puppets they built themselves. While much of their work is Star Trek and Doctor Who, they have a wide range of shows from Stargate to Space Launch to Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. You can find them on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Veronica's experience with Star Trek was mild up until she met her husband. Since then she has dove head first into the Star Trek world and is loving it! He also introduced her to Stargate, the final of the trifecta of the Star Gate/Trek/Wars worlds. Her favorite series is Depp Space Nine, with Lower Decks being a close second. In addition to sci-fi she enjoys fantasy, though mostly in novel form. She is particularly fond of Tamora Pierce and Terry Goodkind. She has served as a volunteer at DragonCon since 2005. DragonCon was her first convention experience in 1996 when her father took her for a day and started attending yearly in 2002. She is still kicking herself for not getting the Eternal Membership when it was only five hundred.

Veronica has two degrees in theatre and has been preforming on stage most of her life. Her favorite role was Anne in Anne of Green Gables - a musical. Her fondest theatre memory is going to Fiddler on the Roof rehearsals with her father in his first appearance of Tevya. This would shape her future as she chose her college based on the musical they were doing during the Spring semester, Fiddler on the Roof, where she played Yenta.