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Mar 2021

Earth Station Trek Episode Ten - Bashir, Julian Bashir

March 22, 2021

Join your hosts Charles Kelso, Alan Siler, Keith Johnson, and Veronica Dashiell, as they discuss doctor, genetically enhanced superman, and galactic man of mystery, Julian Bashir. We cover Bashir from his early days as a naïve frontier doctor, to his epic bromance with Chief Miles O'Brien, his spy games with Garak and Sloan, and his role as a genetically enhanced superman.

In this episode we also mention the announced Star Trek: Picard novel by John Jackson Miller and the audiobook of Nicholas Meyer's 'A View From the Bridge.'

Keith Johnson regales us with Star Trek history from this date, including the birthdate of William Shatner (and a certain Starfleet captain who shares his birthday).

Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Network, executive producer Mike Faber.